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Apologies to teams that were planning to attend our Swimming and Track meets in 2020.  A week before our swim meet was scheduled the Ministry of Education banned all competitions and events in Dubai. We will be hosting no tournaments in 2021 due to current pandemic.

At this point we are in the process of gathering 52 schools calendars to determine the best dates for 2022.  Usually this process is completed in May 2021, but many schools have not released their calendars as Ministries in the GCC countries have not approved.


In 1996 our first International Football Competition known as “Camp Oz Dubai - Unity Cup” was held. 

In May 2012, seven schools in the Middle East met to discuss the formation of a new sporting group that did not exclude schools participating due to their curriculum background or not being a member of a particular group.  The seven schools decided to accept schools that were in favour of our definition of ‘fair play’ and ‘unity’. As competitions would no longer only be ran exclusively in Dubai, and would be expanded to other Arab and GCC countries, a name change was required.  As operations in Australia had ceased the Camp Oz name would no longer be used.  This saw the adoption of the name MEUC ( Middle East Unity Cup).  Schools present at the meeting included GWA Dubai, Sultan School Oman, Azzan Bin Qais Oman, Naseem Bahrain, BBS Kuwait, British School Muscat and British School Bahrain.

In addition, MEUC would assist other competitions in the region to develop that do not come under their umbrella.  There are no membership fees required to be a part of this group.

There is a Director, Sport Event Director,  and PE Heads who vote annually at the AGM on dates, and policy changes.  All schools who participate are welcome to attend the annual meeting, held each May and contribute to decision and policy making.

Sports and activities to be developed over the next 5 years include Volleyball, Basketball, Swimming, Track and Field and Duke of Edinburgh International Awards.

If your school is interested in participating in any of our activities please email us on

Brian McDonald